Sound researcher, music producer and DJ based in Berlin. Founder of LiveJam Records.

Born in the U.S., grown up in Italy and residing in Berlin since 2007, EMG has shaped an unconventional sound stretching from experimental and electronic body music to gritty house and heavy hitting techno. With influences ranging from musique concrete to post-punk, noise and funk,
EMG’s eclectic production approach digs deep into the roots of his musical inspiration.

Moved by a strong interest in the cassette culture and its independent home recording foundation, EMG embarked in a variety of projects focusing mainly on vintage equipment and recording techniques aimed at experimenting and researching through different tape recorders. The results of this retrospective research conveyed, in 2009, in the first parent label LiveJam Records.

Despite LiveJam represents the ethos of EMG and affiliated artists, the restless sonic research is visible in his involvement in a few other outlets ranging from Relative, a raw house joint venture along with his brother John Swing as the Vinalog duo, to Warm Sounds, focused on a powerful house sound mixed with broken tech and dub influences, with the contribution of artists like Mr. G, The Raw Interpreter, and Lucretio. The latter, togheter with Marieu (aka The Analogue Cops) also work with EMG and John Swing on the acclaimed live-recorded techno label Appointment.

Experiential Learning is probably EMG’s most eclectic project exploring the fine line between techno, noise and atmospheric music. The handmade artworks are a fundamental step of the creative process being his purpose to connect the dots between visual art, sound and emotions.
With the newly-born label Sperimentazioni Sonore, along with Battista and John Swing, the trio found a way of expressing their characteristic and individual musical personalities, whilst bringing them together as one piece.

Following remixes for Mr. G and Ben Sims, EMG’s sound is now easily recognizable and the constant stream of quality releases, including an official Appointment remix of Moodymann’s “I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits”, has also released on The Trilogy Tapes and Berceuse Heroique.

An heterogeneous and carefully constructed collection of music is what makes EMG’s performances dynamic and versatile: every set mesmerizes the crowd flawlessly switching between techno, house and experimental, taking the listener on an energetic yet spiritual and meditative journey.