John Swing

Profoundly inspired by the emotive sounds of soul and funk, John Swing constantly releases a wide range of raw and powerful house cuts since 2009, year of his moving to London.
With a strong record collecting background and a fine ear for dusty and groovy sonorities, his roots are clearly identifiable in all the productions ranging from classic and soul-drenched house to grittier Chicago sounds.

A cryptical presence hiding behind many different aliases spread across a range of underground labels: co-owner of LiveJam Records alongside EMG, John Swing begins producing with a live and spontaneous approach that pushes the boundaries and general conceptions of club music while digging deeper into the techniques of the past.

Mostly known for his Relative imprint, run with EMG as the Vinalog duo, his heterogeneous set of production skills is also visible in other ventures: from house beats / broken tech label Warm Sounds, on which he releases as The Raw Interpreter, to the live-recorded techno project Appointment (together with EMG and The Analogue Cops).
The depth of his musical vision is clear in his latest experimental releases with Battista and EMG, together as Sperimentazioni Sonore where the trio explores the limits of sonic waves expressed through a “Conscio” and an “Inconscio” mix.

The production process through analog machines that John Swing so strongly supports with an uncompromising attitude is the key to his underground success and esteem.
With a back catalogue of over fifty releases and collaborations with established artists such as Mr. G and Ben Sims, the London based talent is now receiving recognition by established artists including Floating Points, Gerd Janson, Levon Vincent, Theo Parrish and many others.

Inspired by London’s Plastic People and its bonding vibes, through a well refined spectrum of musical knowledge John Swing engages with the dance floor in a physical yet emotional way: the strength and power of raw house is blended with black soul music in a constant crossover between underground aesthetics and cherry-picked funk and disco. His subtle understanding of the dance floor guarantees a deep-rooted experience for the mind, body and soul.